How well do you know Pentatonix.

Do you want to see if you really know Pentatonix? Well you are in luck! I've created a quiz all about Pentatonix and some of the bandmates.

In this quiz there are questions about dates in which are important. Any awards they've won and the members history. I hope you enjoy taking good quiz and have fun my Pentatonix experts!! :)

Created by: Pentatonix_5
  1. Who is not one of the 5 members?
  2. What tv show did they win in 2011?
  3. Have they won a Grammy?
  4. How many christmas albums do they have out now?
  5. Have they used instruments in a song before? If so which one?
  6. Which 2 members have their own YouTube channel called superfruit?
  7. Which 3 members went to high school together?
  8. Who went to Yale?
  9. How many all original albums do they have out?
  10. Let fate decide...;)

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Pentatonix.