How well do you know Pentatonix

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This is a quiz to see how much of a Pentatonix fangirl, or pentaholic, you are. It includes questions about the members, their songs, and other random things.

Please keep in mind that these questions are only what make you a pentaholic to me. These are questions that I believe will make you feel like a great fan! Please don't be discouraged if you don't pass. Good luck!

Created by: Jaelin Grassi-Hoying

  1. How many members are in Pentatonix?
  2. What are Kevin's cellos names?
  3. Which member has two middle names?
  4. Which ship is NOT a Pentatonix ship?
  5. What show did Pentatonix compete on and win?
  6. What was the fourth song Pentatonix performed on the Sing Off?
  7. Which member of Pentatonix has the most Instagram followers?
  8. What YouTuber has Sup3rfruit NOT collabed with?
  9. What has NOT been done by Pentatonix or Sup3rfruit?
  10. What Pentatonix cover are these lyrics from? "Now, the sky's the point of view."
  11. What song is NOT a Pentatonix original?
  12. Who named Kevin and Avi "Meat and Potatoes?"
  13. What is NOT a PTXVlogs (iPTX) episode title?
  14. What PTX cover are these lyrics from? "One mans trash is another mans comeup."
  15. What are Pentatonix fans called?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Pentatonix