How well do you really know Pentatonix?

This quiz is to see if you know ptx as well as you think you do and I'M typing in caps cuz the thing made me and anyway I hope you really like this quiz and get super duper high scores.

So do you think you know scott, Kevin, avi, amd kirstie? Well do you?! Pentatonix is the most amazing band ever and I know a lot about them considering I became a fan in the middle of this year so you should know a lot as well. Especially if you've known them longer.

Created by: a pentaholic

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  1. Where does the band name "Pentatonix" come from?
  2. What pet does Kirstie have and what's its name?
  3. Which band member does Scott Hoying live with?
  4. Which members grew up together?
  5. Which two members have a YouTube channel?
  6. What are fans of Pentatonix called?
  7. Which band member is a baritone?
  8. Which band member is the tenor?
  9. Which band member is alto and soprano?
  10. Who beatboxes?
  11. Who is bass
  12. Who is Trent?
  13. What is Scott and Mitch's cat's name?
  14. Which two members are shipped together the most?
  15. Who went to Yale, China (and learned manderin), and also plays the cello?!?!
  16. Who is the youngest?
  17. What's Scott's nephew's name?
  18. How did they choose Kevin as the beatboxer?
  19. How did they find Avi?
  20. Okie dokie last question. Drum roll pleeeease!*drum roll* Finish the song lyric: "My body was shaking in your earthquakes"

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Quiz topic: How well do I really know Pentatonix?