How well do you know pixels?

Pixels is a movie based upon a short film by Patrick Jean about when aliens see clips of 1980's arcade games and have come down to earth as those games as a face of war! Now to save the planet the president has called upon his friends to help save the planet!

So how well do you know this epic sci-fi comedy adventure packed with non-stop action, thrills and laughs! Are you a number one arcader like Sam Brenner, or are you just a beginner, well get that change into the arcade machine and let's find out! Game on!

Created by: Spyrorules122

  1. How did the aliens come to earth in the first place?
  2. Who did Eddie Plant beat in the donkey kong tiebreaker?
  3. Which game attacked first?
  4. Where was the Galaca attack?
  5. Complete this quote: pretend you're the guy, and you don't want to ***!
  6. What is Sam Brenner's tactic for being a pro at the arcade?
  7. How did Will Cooper react when he saw Sam playing Pac-Man like a pro?
  8. How did Eddie Plant join the arcades in the New York attack?
  9. How did Q*Bert join the team?
  10. Second last question: who made pixels?
  11. Last question: when was pixels released?
  12. BONUS LEVEL! What age is pixels?
  13. LAST BONUS, and official question: when is pixels on DVD and BLU-RAY?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know pixels?