How well do you know michael jackson

Michael Jackson is the KING OF POP, but DO YOU KNOW HOW HE BECAME THE BEST SINGER IN THE WORLD? Come here and test your Knowledge ,click here to do so

Trust me this quiz isn't hard,but if it is to you just guess , thats what i do. So here's the test if score low it doesn't mean a thing. mj AK MJ AK MJ

Created by: Araminta

  1. When is Michael Jackson's birthday?
  2. What is the names of his children?
  3. Which solo tour was a huge success:
  4. True or False: Michael likes pie
  5. What is Michael's home town?
  6. Which dance move is Michael famous for?
  7. Who is Michael closer to:
  8. Which Disney movie di Michael star in?
  9. Finish the lyrics:Baby Don't make me ,baby don't make me .....
  10. In "Bille Jean" Michael wears a ____ hat

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Quiz topic: How well do I know michael jackson