how well do you know meh?

Haha wow wtf all of these things have to be at least a certain number of words so im just gonna make up crap as i go along haha but yea this is a wuiz about mee!

haha see if you know me or not? well actually its kinda just random crap about my life but it would be cool if you knew it! and if you can guess it, good job!

Created by: Juliii

  1. What is my middle name?
  2. what is my favorite sport?
  3. what is my favorite color?
  4. whats my favorite game?
  5. What's my favorite soda?
  6. Whats my favorite tv show?
  7. Whats my favorite book?
  8. What do i really hate?
  9. do i have a pet?
  10. where was i born?
  11. what do i ALWAYS SAY?
  12. what do i wear to school ?
  13. whats my favorite food?
  14. what is my favorite number ?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know meh?