Amazing World Of Gumball

ok thanks for taking this quiz well done but now go watch some Amazing World Of Gumball ok by im just going to do random things so i can get done with... and im already done goodbye

are YOU a gumball fan? ok im gonna stop thanks for taking this quiz again bye but im gonna do random things again so i can be sone with this lol haha genius ok goodbye!

Created by: Darwin Watterson

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  1. What is Gumball's real name?
  2. Is Darwin Gumballs ACTUAL Brother?
  4. Its baby Anais..
  5. She like to eat her...
  6. what 2 episodes showed when darwin came apart of the Wattersons?
  7. What is the messaging website where you can show videos, pictures and messages called?
  8. what about the video one
  9. what is gumball's girlfriend called
  10. Does Darwin have a girlfriend?
  11. What was Richard in his prototype form?
  12. Whos the princaple of the school that Gumball goes to
  13. Whos Lucy Simians Boyfriend

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