How well do you know the Amazing World of Gumball?

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How well do you know the Amazing World of Gumball? Maybe 100? Or 0? You are smart no matter what! Just remember that! You are cool anywhere on any quiz!

I hope you do great, if not, so sorry because the questions are kind of hard! You'll do great! I just know you will! Just believe in yourself and you can do anything!

Created by: CA Cupid

  1. Darwin was Gumball's what?
  2. What was Gumball's original name?
  3. Who's the one with anger issues in the family?
  4. Who's the lazy one in the family?
  5. Who's the smart one in the family?
  6. Who are the two main characters in the family?
  7. Who's Gumball's girlfriend?
  8. Who did Darwin kiss besides Gumball?
  9. What board game did Gumball and Darwin make?
  10. Who is their principal?
  11. What is Miss Simian's first name?
  12. What's Principal Brown's first name?
  13. What's Mr. Small's first name?
  14. How old is Gumball?
  15. What's the family's last name?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the Amazing World of Gumball?