The Amazing World of Gumball Characters quiz

You may have seen the movie, but do you really a fan of it? Do you really know everything about the movie? Well if you want to know,take this quiz! Answer all the questions and look at you result!

Are you really a fan? Or you just like it and not love it? Try this quiz and see if you are a fan or a 'liker' or extraordinary crazy lovers of this show?

Created by: Nicole Watterson

  1. Who is the main character that is a blue cat?
  2. Who is the laziest person in the movie?
  3. What colour of body is Gumball and Darwin's third friend in "The Third"?
  4. Who is the consoler in their school?
  5. What is Penny?
  6. Who is the most clever person in the Wattersons?
  7. Who is Gumball's first kiss?
  8. Who is in love with Principal Brown?
  9. Which show in cartoon network you like most?
  10. Which show you want me to make quiz next?

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