What Heroes of Olympus Character Are You?

Have you ever read the Heroes of Olympus? Never mind the answer to that! This book series is full of generous, courageous, and amazing characters that you may or may not have heard of.

How would you like to compare yourself to these generous, courageous, amazing, and if I might add, brave characters? You can do so right now by clicking and taking this quiz! Have fun!

Created by: zowesavage
  1. What do you imagine in the future?
  2. Do you imagine things?
  3. How much do you love your friends?
  4. Who is your favorite Heroes of Olympus character? (This may or may not count.)
  5. Who is your least favorite Heroes of Olympus character? (May or may not count.)
  6. What is your favorite Heroes of Olympus book? (Same footnote as before.)
  7. What kind of person are you?
  8. How do others see you?
  9. What weapon would you prefer to fight with?
  10. Who is your godly parent?
  11. Continuation of question 12:
  12. Which camp do you prefer?

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Quiz topic: What Heroes of Olympus Character am I?