Which Amazing world of gumball character are you?

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Hope you like this quiz about the amazing world of gumball. Hope you like who you get. Watch the amazing world of gumball it is an awesome show. Peace out.

Hope you thought the quiz was fun:) 😎 😄 🤑 💩 👍 🐔 . 🐅. 🦀. 🌪. 🍕. 🍫. 🍗. 🍟. 🍭. 🍦. 🍿. 🍪. 🍩. 🍪. 🍾. bye Emojis4life

Created by: Andy

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is your gender
  2. What is your favorite color
  3. The most important thing to you is
  4. Are you responsible
  5. Who is you favorite character
  6. Are you smart
  7. Are you a hard worker
  8. Do you like the amazing world of gumball
  9. Are you crazy
  10. What is your emoji

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Quiz topic: Which Amazing world of gumball character am I?