Would i like you to be my friend?

So let us find out if we could have a chance as friends!enjoy the quiz and your result!dont take it too seriously haha this was for fun ok? here is a umm HOMER SIMPSON!:) (_:(l) maybe its a monkey haha oh well

so you are taking my quiz i would like to thank you for that.and i would just like to say makinng quizzes is fun so make an account and get started!well just enjoy the quiz :)

Created by: LittleMissPunk

  1. Do you like singing?
  2. Do you care about how rich or poor your friends are?
  3. Do you care about looks?
  4. What swimsuit do you like?
  5. Do you want to be just like me?for example if we were friends would you like it if we had so much in common?
  6. do you like talking about crushes and stuff
  7. would you judge me if i liked these things that you think are childish but its my passion?
  8. Do you want to be the kind of friends that are always together?they do everything together?
  9. Would you judge me if i like something you think is lame pathetic etc?
  10. If you did something cool would you talk on and on about it?be honest you are the only one seeing your answer.
  11. LAST QUESTION!Would you ask me a lot of questions if you saw me upset or i seemed like i had a secret?

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