Could we be best friends

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Some might think 'What does she have any friends'.I do!I just want to know if you could be perfect for me,as a friend.You could be a bff(best friend forever) bf(best friend)f(Friend) or just nothing in life....

So in a few mins you will find out.You could find out we would not be good friend or we might just be good friends find out.Do you have friends comment this please!

Created by: cats

  1. The two first ones don't have effect.What age are you?
  2. What is your gender?
  3. Do you have a cat?
  4. What is your favourite Fruit out of these?
  5. Do you like the fact that Selena gomez and Justin bieber are dating?
  6. Do you like to sing songs of youtube?
  7. What colour is your hair?
  8. Do you have siblings?
  9. What singers do you hate?
  10. Do you like the name Nicole?
  11. You are.....
  12. A perfect date would be?
  13. Your a reader?
  14. Do you like cheese?
  15. What do you think of boys?
  16. How are you feeling now
  17. Do you believe there is another life on another planet????
  18. Which saves most lives?

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