How Well Do You Know Me? (Part 2)

There are many people who might believe they fully know some one. Some of you may think that you fully know me. Now it's time to put it to the test and see who truly knows me.

:) Just try your best, and have fun. The most important thing is that you've actually tried. I wish I could be writing this with a gel pen right now. I really do love those... :)

Created by: Sammywich

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  1. What is my favourite television show?
  2. Do I write songs?
  3. True or False? I have a C- average in math.
  4. Is it true that my middle name is Grace?
  5. What time of day was I born?
  6. Do I like to roleplay?
  7. The next few questions will be answered with either true or false I can kind of draw anime. True or false?
  8. I love tropical places, but whenever I'm there I long for snow, and vice versa. True or False? **Jack, you should know this one ;)
  9. I love snowball fights, but everyone who knows me can agree that I always lose. True or False?
  10. I'm addicted to writing on white boards because I love being able to erase what I've written with my hand. True or False?
  11. What is my favourite writing utensil?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Me? (Part 2)