How well do you know me? ~*~

How well do you know me? Not many people know me much on here but there are some that do!! :D but do you know me well enough? Takie this quiz to find out! o-o

If you don't know me, then after you take this quiz, you will a little. And if you do know me, then I bet you'll learn something new... Or not if you already knew. x3.

Created by: Flames_97

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  1. What's my favorite colors?
  2. What race am I?
  3. What's my first/main account?
  4. When is my birthday?
  5. How many dogs do I own?
  6. What's my favorite fruit?
  7. What grade am I in right now?
  8. Who's is/was my best friend on here?
  9. What story quiz am I stiill working on right now?
  10. What's my favorite thing to do?
  11. When did I first join in this site?
  12. Do I play a sport?
  13. Which one am I more good at? Soaping or Roleplaying?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know me? ~*~