How well do you know Math (addition)

There are not many people who are truly good at math. Teachers are certainly not among the few people who are. I created this quiz not only as a test, but to tell the world addition.

The question is, Are you, yes YOU one of the few people who are good at math. If you are not I have nothing against you. This is the time to put your teacher behind you and find your inner math skills.

Created by: Gideon

  1. 0+0
  2. 1+1
  3. 2+2
  4. 3+3
  5. 4+4
  6. 5+5
  7. 6+6
  8. 7+7
  9. 8+8
  10. 9+9

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Math (addition)