Easiest Math Quiz Ever!

PLEASE READ I Know The Title Says Math Quiz But It Contains More Than Math!This Quiz Is Hilarious!Please Be Aware That Im Only Eleven So I Like To Make Lots Of Jokes.You Will Laugh While Reading Some Of Or Most Or All Of This!I Tried To Make It Really Funny.Let Me Know What You Think!

I Would Really Really Really Really Really REALLY Like It If You Commented And Rated This Quiz Very High After You Take It.It Will Make Me Super Duper Happy!I Will Be Flippin Fartin Happy!Have Fun!I Hope You Love This Quiz!BTW I Am Ms.Horan!

Created by: Kiersten 1D

  1. 1+2=?
  2. A=9+3 What Does A Equal?
  3. 12x13=?
  4. 105í·5=?
  5. Lets Got To Spanish!
  6. ↑Hola↓ ↓Como Esta↑
  7. Who Came Up With The Theory That The Plates Move?This Is Also Called Continental Drift.
  8. Who Lives In A Pineapple Under The Sea?
  9. What Does W.T.B. Stand For?
  10. Please Comment!
  11. All Of The Answers You Picked Counted!Even This One Does!Did You Know That?

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