How well do you know Manzini?

Do you think you know enough of the Danish rapper Manzini? If not, then don't even try this quiz. It's really for hardcore fans. Okay, maybe worth a try, but I suggest reading about him before answering this quiz!

If you think that you know everything about him, then I wish good luck! The first two questions are needed for statistics, the true difficulty starts after them! ;)

Created by: ThomyX1993

  1. Where does Manzini live?
  2. How many dogs has Manzini got?
  3. What is Manzini's favourite food?
  4. What was Manzini's first 'artist name'?
  5. What is his real (full) name?
  6. What is Manzini's favourite movie?
  7. How many sisters has he got?
  8. Which of these famous people has Manzini met?
  9. Since when has Manzini his current look?
  10. Who is Manzini's favourite artist?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Manzini?