So you think you're a Lil Boosie fan? *NEW QUIZ*

There are many true Boosie fans, but few know their actual facts. Lil Boosie is, afterall, quite an talented rapper. Who is Lil Boosie? Only the most TALENETED rapper worldwide right now & the hottest in the streets.

Are YOU a Lil Boosie fan? Do you know your facts about your "favorite" rapper? Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out!

Created by: Sadjaa_

  1. What's Lil Boosie real name?
  2. When was Lil Boosie born?
  3. What's Lil Boosie mother name?
  4. At what age did Lil Boosie dad die?
  5. How did his father die?
  6. Where is Lil Boosie from?
  7. What's Lil Boosie first child name?
  8. When was Lil Boosie released?
  9. Lil Boosie was diagnosed with....?
  10. Who does Lil Boosie partner with the most?
  11. What was Lil Boosie's first record label he signed with?
  12. On what side on Baton Rouge did Lil Boosie grow up on?

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