How well do you know luke skywalker?

There are many people who believe that they know everything to know about luke skywalker. If you think you do, then your at the right place to try this quiz. Luke skywalker is a famed character from the star wars movie.

Luke skywalker: charming, brave, and strong in the force. This star wars character is one of the most iconic star wars character. How much do you really know about the war hero himself?

Created by: lilsavagejr

  1. Who lives with luke on tatooine?
  2. What does luke say when he sees leia on the hologram?
  3. When does luke use the dark side of the force?
  4. What color is lukes blade in return of the jedi?
  5. Luke is kylo ren's...
  6. What body part does luke loose?
  7. What does luke do with vaders body?
  8. Luke modeld his lightsaber after whom?
  9. Did luke want to join the imperial academy?
  10. Luke's dream was to...

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Quiz topic: How well do I know luke skywalker?