Which Star Wars Character you are?

This is my first quiz, so it's not all that great. But it covers what I thought it should, so I'm somewhat proud. I hope you take it, because it tool a while to do, longer than I thought. I know the title says Star Wars, but it only addresses the Skywalker line.

Which Skywalker are you? Includes all Skywalkers from the EU except Shmi (she's kinda boring I can't think of a personality for her except she loved Anakin) and Ben (I completely forgot about him) and Mara Jade and Han and Padme (they're not really blood related to Anakin Skywalker).

Created by: Jo
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. When forced to choose, who would you sacrifice?
  2. What color is your lightsaber blade?
  3. What is you favorite saying?
  4. What is your goal?
  5. How are you socially?
  6. Are you
  7. What are your views of the Force?
  8. What's your favorite fighting technique?
  9. How's your love life?
  10. How are you towards your family?
  11. What's your greatest ability?
  12. How are you?

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