In Depth Star Wars Quiz

Have you ever been watching Star Wars and wondered "what character do i most identify with" well ponder no longer. this in depth quiz will give you an accurate idea of who you relate to.

Something you must remember about this quiz is that it works best if you are completely honest with yourself. the questions ask you to describe your personality.

Created by: Alex
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  1. Would you be willing to sacrifice someone to achive your own goals? How far would you be willing to go?
  2. How do you value teaching?
  3. Are You Brave?
  4. How Athletic Are You?
  5. Are you charismatic?
  6. Could you live a life of dicipline?
  7. Do you have an intrest in Politics?
  8. Are you hairy?
  9. Do you belive in The Force?
  10. Do you have children?
  11. The meaning of life is...
  12. Could you destroy society to save the mone you love?
  13. You see someone being mugged. You could easily intervine. What do you do?
  14. YOu have the oppertunity to destroy evil at great personal risk. What do you do?
  15. Do you value Experience over Education?
  16. Power or Wisdom?
  17. Do you like gadgets?
  18. Do you live Chaos or Tranqullity

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