A New Hope Life Of Luke Skywalker Test

Did you read the book are you smart and remember stuff like an elephant you hope so get ready to test your self on the a new hop the life of Luke Skywalker?

Do you think your ready huh well find out and test yourself already don't read this just go test test test come on hurry stop reading this paragraph?

Created by: workk123
  1. What did uncle owen set his blaster two (if not he would of shot Luke)?
  2. Why was Luke outside at night?
  3. Who is Wendy?
  4. What were Wendy and Luke scared of in the wastes?
  5. What was the name of the dewback Luke and Wendy rode?
  6. What 2 droids did Luke buy from some jawas?
  7. What was the girls name that helped Luke on hoth when he crashed?
  8. What is the name of the mind witch Luke thought was someone he knew?
  9. Where was the first blace Luke went to find information on his dad?
  10. What was the last planet you read Luke on?

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