How well do you know Lil' Chris?

Lil' Chris is the amazing new pop artist that everyone's talking about.Lots of people claim to be Lil' Chis fans but they are just saying it to sound big and clever.

Are you a TRUE Lil' Chris fan or are you one of those people who just say you are? Well, do you want to find out? Just take this quick quiz and in a matter of minutes you will know for sure!

Created by: Becky of lilxchrisxrocksx
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  1. How old is Chris?
  2. What is his fave colour?
  3. What school did he go to?
  4. Where does he live?
  5. What do his mum and dad work as?
  6. Which one of these is NOT one of chris' favourite bands?
  7. What colour is his hair?
  8. What is his favourite sport?
  9. What is his star sign?
  10. What food can't he get enough of?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Lil' Chris?