How well do you know Levi Theophilus?

Many people claim to know me. Are you one of those people. Do you pretend to know me. Or do you actually know me. If you answer this quiz you can find out.

Also, This quiz is all about me so if you don't know me you will fail. However you can still try to answer the questions if you want to just for the fun of it.

Created by: Levi Theophilus

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  1. What is my name?
  2. I am Levi the what?
  3. Which of the following can i not resist in a girl?
  4. What colour are my eyes?
  5. What nationality am I?
  6. What is my Favourite Colour?
  7. Why did I make this Quiz?
  8. How Bored am I right now?
  9. What is my favourite number?
  10. What part of my body do I value most?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Levi Theophilus?