How Well Do You Know Kymma Wintershard-?

Kymma Wintershard- is my OC with a big story to tell. How well do you know her story? Mind you, there are a lot of questions which least expecting answers, so be ready

Every wizard or witch needs a wand, a quill, talent, skill, and knowledge. How well do you know about the female wizard hero from the Spiral? You're a few clicks away!

Created by: Sylvi Omaki
  1. Which type of wizard is Kymma?
  2. From which school is Kymma an exchange student from?
  3. Kymma's blood status?
  4. House?
  5. Kymma falls back during which obstacle to get to the Sorceror's Stone?
  6. Which of Kymma's siblings start their first year in 1992?
  7. Which Slytherin did Kymma transform into by use of the Polyjuice Potion?
  8. What was revealed to be Kymma's weakness?
  9. Which animal did Kymma purchase from the Magical Menagerie for her third year
  10. Who was Kymma's favorite D.A.D.A teacher so far?
  11. What did Kymma mistake Divination for?
  12. Kymma suffered what injury from the Whomping Willow
  13. Which magic school competing in the Quadwizard Tournament had an age exception due to dangers and threats even first years faced?
  14. Who was selected as Ravenwood champion
  15. What method did Kymma use to get past her dragon
  16. Who was Kymma's kidnap victim?
  17. What was Kymma's method to breathe underwater?
  18. Which member of the Order of the Phoenix was also from the Spiral?
  19. Kymma's opinion of Dolores Umbridge?
  20. True or False: Kymma is a co leader of Dumbledore's Army
  21. Which animal does Kymma's Patronus take the form of?
  22. Who held Kymma against her will during Umbridge's interrogation on Harry?
  23. Which Death Eater came into conflict with Kymma?
  24. How many O.W.L.s did Kymma receive?
  25. What Quidditch position did Kymma play?
  26. Kymma makes what desicion concerning her seventh year?
  27. Who was Kymma's protector while she was disguised as Harry during the Battle of the Eight Potters?
  28. Who did Kymma impersonate during the infiltration of the Ministry of Magic?
  29. Which word did Kestrel Firebane carve into Kymma's arm?
  30. Who kept muttering insults about Bellatrix Lestrange?
  31. True or False: Kymma used the Polyjuice Potion to assume the form of Kestrel Firebane to help break into the Lestrange vault
  32. Which Horcrux did Kymma destroy?
  33. Which Death Eater did Kymma and Sarah end up battling during the Battle of Hogwarts?
  34. What is the name of Kymma's adopted daughter?
  35. What is Kymma's job?
  36. True or False: Kymma is applying for the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Kymma Wintershard-?