Out of the Shadows

You are walking in the halls of college and you see the new student he has many stories to tell you find out what his secret is. So get ready for the answers =D

If you like stories that are exciting, dramatic, and action packed this might be the story youve been looking for. Read this story and youll want to hear more of what happenes next, enjoy =3

Created by: Dreamhead

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  1. You are walking in the halls of your school and you notice the new student at school so you dicide to introduce yourself. You walk over to him and introduce yourself.
  2. Hi im Tom, nice to meet you (your name). Then he pasues for a sec. *Tom* Uhh could you keep a secret if I told you one?
  3. He takes you outside. Ok I think no one else is around *He looks around to make sure* ok well have you ever heard of werewolves before?
  5. Well Im also actually a pilot from World War 2. What happned was when I was flyin over Berlin on Decamber 1945 there was a dog fight (airplane fight) and I was shot down.
  6. Fire and smoke all over my plane I was also shot in the arm by a bullet that broke through the window. I tried to use the eject button but it was broken from the fire.
  7. Then everything went black...I dont remember much after, when I awoke I could hear the bombs blowin up and men shouting orders the guns shooting.
  8. I looked down and my legs were gone, my left arm was blown up, and I couldnt see from my left eye! Then my body started to heal itself it stiched mising parts together and the wounds faded away!
  9. I then got up and ran off back to base. I later found out I was a werewolf after World War 2 ended, and some how optained shadow weilding.
  10. the reason im still 22 is because I died and im immortal. well thats my story so we better be off to class.
  11. *as you walk into the school your freind Hanna walks up to you* so what were you two talkin about that was so secret?
  12. well then if you wont tell me then why bother. *just then some one screems and you look from were it came* *Hanna* What was that!?

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