The Love They Couldn't Let Die 3

Chase,Jacques,Steven,and Antonio are the guys trained to protect you and help you.But will they become more than just that to YOU??find out in this romance action that will leave your head spinning.hope i dont sound too much like morgan freeman telling you about a movie.hehe

ok so the new addition lasted about as long as perez hilton in a straight bar(no offense)but now the darkness has taken over and the shadows are not playing fair!come on!

Created by: Alicia

  1. You stand behind steven in wonder of the gorgueos guy standing a meer 3 feet away from you.His midnight black eyes sparkle.They seem to be staring into your soul you feel a force drawing him to you its almost like you dont have any control over yourself.You don't have to do anything because he comes to you
  2. "stand down killer"the guy puts a hand to stevens chest."get away from her Ian,"Jacques growls"oh don't worry i could never harm this gorgeous girl"he puts a finger to your want to pull away but you just can't."to bad i have to,though."he reachs to his side but before he can chase appears tackling Ian to the ground. you run before all the guys pounce on him.
  3. You cower in a corner of your room crying."___"shouts antonio when he finds you."thank god your all right!"He grabs you and pulls you into his too just sit there him rocking you back and forth in the darkness of your room
  4. Antonio kisses the top of your head and then you look up.You both stare at each other with such passion.He kisses your lips and you kiss back.He holds your head in his hands as you too stand up and walk to the bed.But before your head can even hit the pillow a knock on the door.
  5. its chase.Antonio floats away quickly to the computer."Hey___are you all right?"You walk over to Chase."yeah,fine.did you need something?" you ask."well yeah i thought after today we need to start training."oh right be down in a sec"chase leaves and Antonio isnt in the look around,no where!you sigh and go to the closet and change into...?
  6. you run down the stairs expecting to see all the guys but you see no one "boo!"Chase jumps out from behind you.You whip around and hit him in the head."nice aim,but ow."he stagers back smiling and holding his eye."ohmygosh!im so sorry"no no thats a good thing your learning."
  7. He leads you out to where the ocean hits the sand.The sun is just above the horizon."wow,"you whisper."yeah, now that your stunned lets get started."you both laugh."okay lets start with the basics"you spend the rest of the day learning how to stand and fight
  8. he leads you back to the house.He brigns you into the living room and you to sit on the couch.He pushes some hairback and leans in.he stops just inches away from your face and you make up the rest.
  9. Jacques jumps down the stairs"___ come quick,Chase hurry!"chase lifts you and runs up the stairs into a very dark room with just the crack of the light outside
  10. Hands reach out and grab you and pull you deeper into the darkness you want to scream but hands cover your mouth.voices whisper to you as you look your death in the eye
  11. who do you want to save you?

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