Shawnee Class of 1988 Quiz!

You may have showed up for classes and after-school events, but how much attention did you pay to them?? Were you super-involved? Or did you watch from the shadows?

Just wanted to see how rusty your brains were after nearly twenty years! How much do you remember? If it weren't for our trust yearbook, I wouldn't have remembered much!

Created by: Shawnee
  1. What were are class colors? NOT the school colors, but our CLASS colors.
  2. What was our class flower?
  3. Who was our commencement speaker?
  4. Who was the class president?
  5. Who was the homecoming queen?
  6. Who was the prom queen?
  7. Who was the prom king?
  8. Who was the Sadie Hawkins Queen?
  9. Who was the Sadie Hawkins King?
  10. Who was the class Valedictorian?
  11. Who was the class Salutatorian?
  12. How many games did the football team lose during the season?
  13. Sadly, what teacher passed away during our senior year?
  14. Who was voted "Best Dressed?"
  15. Who was voted "Craziest?"
  16. Who was voted "Best Smile?"
  17. And finally... what was our school mascot?

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