How well do you know Kwright?

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Kwright is a very famous person on a bunch of different sites, she has different usernames but the one I know her from her username is Kwright, well the K is lowercase but still, she is a very famous person. She even has this one site that one of her other fans created and dedicated it to her.

Many people don't know this but she's actually a really kind person, she just hates everyone and feels like murdering the human race. But if you get to know her more like I do then it's a different story. I only have a couple of questions in this test but there will be more test about her. Also the picture that I have for this test is something that she randomly drew and put it on the site that I know her from, it's a little dark though but it's technically a broken heart that's bleeding.

Created by: Kwright_Fan

  1. What year was she born?
  2. How many drawings does she say she failed at but they actually are really good?
  3. What's her Favorite Game at the moment?
  4. Does she tend to stalk people?
  5. In all of her photos what is the cloth that she wears all the time?
  6. How many exact siblings does she have?
  7. How many animals did she used to have?
  8. What is her current favorite genre of music?
  9. Which of her parents does she represent most?
  10. In the game MineCraft, what did she recently do?
  11. What's her boyfriend's name?
  12. How many meals does she eat a day?
  13. Does she like to have her picture taken?
  14. Which one is the correct number of Kills-Killed chart from COD: Black Ops2 that she got for the first time without trying?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Kwright?