How well do you know Fall Out Boy?

Fall Out Boy has a HUGE fandom, and the kind of fans vary. They range from Casual to Diehard. Along with that, the fans know trivia too. Some are good at trivia some aren't.

The question is...How well do YOU know Fall Out Boy? Are you a dedicated diehard fan that knows all the trivia and facts, or are you not very smart on Fob facts? In A matter of minutes, You will find out. Gd Luck!

Created by: Paola
  1. "Baby, seasons change But people don't"
  2. Who is the guitarist of Fall Out Boy?
  3. Whose middle name is "Mark"?
  4. Which Album was released in 2007?
  5. Who Sings in Fall Out Boy?
  6. What is the one of the most popular songs on Infinity On High?
  7. Which of the following songs is NOT on Folie A Deux
  8. Which Of The Following is NOT a Fall Out Boy Reference?
  9. "(Oh Hell Yes) I'm a nervous wreck"
  10. Who of the following was featured in "20 Dollar Nose Bleed"?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Fall Out Boy?