Howard Family Trivia

The Doc and Reat Howard family numbers 131 today, counting spouses. On that fall morning on October 9, 1927, when Doc and Reat eloped, they probably never dreamed that 80 years later this many people would have been touched by their love.

How much do you know about Doc and Reat and their descendants? This quiz called "Howard Family Trivia" will help you find out. Hope you know most of them! Good luck!

Created by: Belva Sikes
  1. What age was Reat when she eloped with Doc?
  2. What profession did Doc want to enter?
  3. What was Retta's name at birth?
  4. What was Reat's first job outside the home?
  5. Which of Doc's two grandfathers was the doctor whose bag Doc carried around and thus, the nickname "Doc" came to be?
  6. Reat was named Josie Loreta because of what person?
  7. Reat's father was born in what state?
  8. At Doc's death, how long had he and Reat been married?
  9. Doc and Reat had the same amount of formal education. What is the highest grade they completed?
  10. What year did Doc and Reat move to Olton?
  11. When Reat was in the 8th grade, she won first place in a county contest. What was the contest?
  12. As a young child, what profession did Reat think she wanted to enter?
  13. What gift did Doc give Reat on their 50th wedding anniversary?
  14. What was Retta's first words when she saw baby Sue?
  15. What color mixing bowl (of a set of 4 that belonged to Reat) did Joyce break when she was a child?
  16. Which child of Doc and Reat was born on Thanksgiving Day?
  17. Reat's piano was bought new for her when she was what age?
  18. Doc and Reat eloped in whose car?
  19. Doc and Reat spent their first honeymoon night at whose house?
  20. What instrument did Reat play in the school band?
  21. Only one of Reat's babies was bottle-fed? Which one?
  22. As a young woman, Reat's favorite song was:
  23. What are the first words that J.L. spoke to Retta?
  24. Which of Doc and Reat's granddaughters made the Sandhills Celebration Flag that is still carried each year in the Olton Sandhills Parade?
  25. Which grandchild was the first to receive a college degree?
  26. Retta was born on Doc and Reat's first anniversary, October 9. What grandchild was born October 9?
  27. Which of the following family members did NOT serve in the U.S. Navy?
  28. Which of Doc and Reat's grandchildren toured Europe with the U.S. Collegiate Wind Band?
  29. Which grandchild got lipstick out of Grandma Reat's purse and got it all over the front seat of her brand new Mercury?
  30. On what occasion did Doc wear his first tuxedo?
  31. Doc attended the high school graduation of only one of his six children. Which one?
  32. Which great-grandchild would have been born on October 9 (Doc and Reat's anniversary) if not for Daylight Savings Time?
  33. What was Sue's nickname in high school?

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