Family Guy Trivia

Family Guy is a great show that deserves a great quiz, and I'm here to give that to the world. To be a true Family Guy fan you must pay attention to detail, listen to every word and be dedicated to the advancement of Fat People!!

Are YOU a Family Guy expert? Find out by taking this extremely hard quiz and seeing the results. Until now you were just a fan, now will be a fan with a score, a score that determines how well you know Family Guy. Good Luck and may Peter lead you into the tunnel of Victory!

Created by: Emily
  1. In the episode where Lois goes to jail for steeling, whats the first thing she steals?
  2. When they move to Chinatown what job does chris get?
  3. What does Peter's breakfast machine REALLY do?
  4. When Peter and Chris want to keep Gumble to Gumble on the air, what does Peter use as extra nipples to put on Chris's chest?
  5. What does Peter loose in the claw machine at Cheesie Charlies?
  6. What religion is the Evil Monkey?
  7. Who was Joe fighting with when he became handicapped?
  8. What does Peter say Sarah Jessica Parker looks like?
  9. According to Lois who does the moat,which Peter built, keep at bay?
  10. What color is Peter's feetie pajamas?
  11. Who does Peter have a farting contest with?
  12. Who replaces Lois on the real life Griffins?
  13. In the future when Brian's in heaven, what did he say he died from?
  14. The Super Devil carries a jar of marmalade that makes you do what?
  15. Who plays Mary in the Christmas Pageant?
  16. Why does the fisherman have four wood limbs?
  17. When Peter and Lois take the mystery box instead of the boat what do they get?
  18. What type of business does Cleveland own?
  19. When Peter wishes he has no bones and becomes a blob, where do they get the torso of bones from?
  20. What is Lois' brothers' name?
  21. Whats Peters' favorite Christmas special?
  22. Why are Dinosaurs extinct?
  23. Why does Joe have to leave the Pawtucket Pat Factory?
  24. Who does Chris date when he is an artist in New York?
  25. What does Peter use to try and pay for passports at the Black Mrket in Cuba?

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