How well do you know Kung Fu Panda?

There are many people who like Kung Fu Panda. Are you of the few who actually know it? Can recite it word perfect? This damn site needs no gibberish or repeating of letters in the format of this stupid paragraph i am currntly wasting my time writing

This paragraph will make no sense as the stupid site needs many characters yabba hooba jelly j-squat doodles and then hearing aid iguanas need to peer argon mercury gold silver as then the sie will molest me bla bla bla bbls bla bla blas

Created by: Edward Cullen

  1. What kind of animal is Po?
  2. What kind of animal is Po's dad?
  3. What animals guard the prison where Tai Lung is held captive?
  4. What does Po need to become the Dragon Warrior?
  5. Complete the sentence: The Furious ....
  6. Who are the greatest kung fu masters of all time in Po's opinion?
  7. When does Tigress leave to battle Tai Lung?
  8. Why do the Viper, Crane, Monkey and Mantis follow Tigress?
  9. What does Po cook for their supper?
  10. Why couldn't Shifu defeat Tai Lung the first time he battled him?
  11. When did Po do a perfect split?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Kung Fu Panda?