How Well Do You Know Jessii Vee? (The Youtuber)

So we have so many Vee team members out there, but only a little really know who Jessii truly is. Are you one of them? Try and take this quiz! Also, sadly not many people read this...

Are YOU a Vee team member? Or just some side gal/boy, doing this for fun. Find out in this VERY fun quiz I created that took awhile. Also, check out my other quizzes! On with the quiz!

Created by: Ash
  1. What is Jess's REAL name?
  2. What is Jess's fan base called?
  3. Does Jess have a boyfriend?
  4. If she has a boyfriend, whats his name?
  5. Where does Jess live? (State not address, that's just stalker o_O)
  6. How old is Jess? (Year 2016)
  7. Does Jess have siblings?
  8. If yes, what's his/her name, and gender?
  9. What videos does Jess MAINLY make on her youtube channel?
  10. Whats the name for all this?
  11. What's her youtube category for her channel?
  12. What color are Jess's hair and eyes?
  13. Is Jess pale or naw?
  14. Does Jess cuss on her channel?
  15. Does Jess have a P.O box?
  16. What is Jess's gender (Should be hella obvious)
  17. Does Jess want kids?
  18. If yes, (previous question) how many, and what gender(s)?
  19. Does Jessii Wear glasses, contacts, or none?
  20. Has Jess ever showed her face?
  21. Does Jess like to rap?
  22. Does Jess do meet & greets/shows?
  23. What problem did she have in her childhood-high school years?
  24. What school did Jess go to for 2 years?
  25. LAST QUESTION! Is Jess one with the humor?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Jessii Vee? (The Youtuber)