Which Youtuber Are You? (American/UK)

What YouTuber are You? Great question, hun. Dive into this quiz and find out who it is that you are. Are you a British YouTuber? Or American? Are you Shane Dawson? Phil Lester? Dan Howell? Kian Lawley? Joe Sugg? Caspar Lee? Jc Caylen? Ryan Higa? Don't know? Find out!

So what YouTuber are you? Go through all of these VERY scientific and absolutely CORRECT questions and find out PRECISELY who you are! Don't worry this is all 100% real ;-)

Created by: nope
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. You are making your first YouTube video...how do you introduce your channel?
  2. Someone asks you "truth" or "dare", which do you choose?
  3. Oh snap, your video went viral! What video is it?
  4. OTP?
  5. Oh no...something embarrassing just happened and everyone saw...how do you react?
  6. Cakes are done, people are ______.
  7. Pick a band/artist.
  8. Do you ever dress as the opposite sex?
  9. Of these things...what makes you smile the most?
  10. Who do you relate to the most?
  11. Last question: UK or USA?

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Quiz topic: Which Youtuber am I? (American/UK)