How Well Do You Know Jc Caylen?

Jc caylen should really be well known but if you don't know him at all I wouldn't recommend the quiz. The great youtuber is very unique, funny, and amazing.

Are you a true Justin caylen fan (a. K. A jc caylen fan) Take this quiz to find out if you know him as much as you think you do. This quiz will answer that exact question.

Created by: jazmine

  1. What is his real name?
  2. He shares a channel with which o2l member?
  3. What is his dogs name?
  4. Where is he from?
  5. Who is his girlfriend?
  6. Has he ever snuck out to give his girlfriend a bear.
  7. Who are his roommates?
  8. What is favorite drink?
  9. What type of videos does he make?
  10. How old is he as of 2015?

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