How Well Do YOU Know Island in the Attic?

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Island in the Attic is a children's fiction book by Kylie Chamberlin. This book is filled with action, adventure and comedy. Island in the Attic is an enjoyable read.

But, how well do YOU know Island in the Attic? Are you an expert or a novice? Put your reading comprehension and memory to the test by taking this quiz!

Created by: Kylie Chamberlin

  1. The main characters in Island in the Attic are
  2. In Carlos attic there is NOT
  3. Scarlet's great-aunt is
  4. Before making their discovery in Carlos's attic they had...
  5. Who is afraid to open the door when it is discovered in the attic?
  6. Who wished for the museum?
  7. What do Love Berries do to you?
  8. What is Scarlet scared of?
  9. What does Carlos have that helps them on the Island?
  10. What is the name of the leader of the monkeys?
  11. Growly is a
  12. The pirates
  13. The worst person in this book is named
  14. Scarlet, Jasper and Carlos get rid of Greenbean by
  15. One day at the Island equals
  16. The name of Scarlet, Jasper and Carlos's human friend on the Island is
  17. The pirates are scared away by

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Island in the Attic?