How Well Do You Know Hermione Granger?

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Today I made a quiz about one of my favorite characters from Harry Potter. Hermione Granger! Test your knowledge about the smartest witch in her year!

It isn't to hard, but you will had have to have read all the books, there is some SPOILERS! Comment what your favorite character from Harry Potter is.

Created by: EmilyTheElephant
  1. What Is The Restricted Potion Book Hermione, Ron, And Harry Take Out For The Poly Juice Potion Called?
  2. When Does Hermione Get Her Teeth Shrunk, And Why?
  3. What Is Hermione's Middle Name?
  4. When Is Her Birthday Month? (Her day is the nineteenth in case you didn't know. But this information is not mentioned in the book, so I though it unfair).
  5. What Is Her Patronus?
  6. How Do You Pronounce Her Name?
  7. Easier Question; What Was Hermione's Least Favorite Class Overall, And Her Favorite Class?
  8. What Is Her Worst Fear?
  9. Describe Her Wand. ( Sorry if Joanne Rowling doesn't say in her book series, I wasn't sure).
  10. In What Year Is Her Middle Name Revealed?
  11. Which Horcrux Did Hermione Herself Break?
  12. Last, Easiest Question; Who Did She Marry, And Who Are Her Children?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Hermione Granger?