How much are you alike Hermione Granger?

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There are few book series more beloved and well known than Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling. With this year marking 20 years since the publication of volume 2, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, the characters and stories remain as popular and relatable as they were in 1998. Particularly relatable is the muggle-born member of the golden trio, Hermione Granger.

Always the top of her class and ready to save the day with something from the reading list, there is a little of Hermione in all of us. Whilst she goes on to become a hero and beloved by those around her, initially she is often a little left out of things and not always up to date with the latest trends where she is the necessary academics. Whether or not you know your spells inside out yet or not, here are 33 signs you are secretly Hermione Granger.

Created by: Hermiony

  1. When in doubt, you go to the library?
  2. Your studies are always more than up to date?
  3. There is nothing you welcome with more excitement than a challenge?
  4. Loyalty is your middle name, making you the best of friends?
  5. You prefer cats over dogs (though you love both)?
  6. Sometimes you can over worry and be a more than a bit cautious?
  7. Whilst you can seem quiet and reserved at first, you’re really fun to be around?
  8. The right thing to do always comes first?
  9. You’re fiercely independent, but also somewhat a people pleaser?
  10. With everything you do, you are 100% committed?
  11. You are physically incapable of controlling your hair?
  12. You would rather be in a library than anywhere else?
  13. You would rather be in a library than anywhere else?
  14. You can be a little intense?
  15. You're usually the one that makes the plans in group chats?
  16. When you go hard when you're out out, you really go for it?
  17. Sometimes you get on better with guys than you do with girls?
  18. You and your squad are 100 per cent ride together or die together?
  19. You're usually right about everything and take great satisfaction from letting everyone else know about it?
  20. You're usually the one recommending books, box sets and films to your friends?
  21. You're not very good at hiding your feelings?
  22. You have a fiery temper when you're provoked?
  23. You consider it your duty to keep your friends in line and down-to-earth?
  24. You never go anywhere without bringing something to road?
  25. You can be a little bit judgmental?
  26. You would literally commit murder for a Time-Turner?
  27. You give very enthusiastic hugs?
  28. You often find yourself overwhelmed by the stupidity of others?
  29. You can't stop yourself from correcting people if they're doing something wrong?
  30. You're not being bossy, you're helping?
  31. You're not above a humble brag because, let's be honest, you're awesome?
  32. You do what you promise?
  33. And no will you go visit Harry Potter Amino?
  34. Now the last thing.You are always so kind to your friends, but you can be mysterious?
  35. Now finally Bye!And see ya.Oh and don't forget to leave a rating on my quiz and if you have an account then leac=ve comment ass well!

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Quiz topic: How much am I alike Hermione Granger?