Find your inner Hogwart's house!

Hello! It's me again! In case you don't know who I am, I am Hermione Granger's little sister who was failed to be mentioned in the Harry Potter books and movies. My name is Elaine Granger. (I'm eight years younger than my sister) I put on the sorting hat a few days ago and found I was a Ravenclaw, unlike my sister. So, with permission from Professor Dumbledore and the help of the sorting hat, (It gets kind of annoying with him whispering in your ear the entire time) I made a quiz to help YOU find YOUR house!

I guess maybe I should describe my appearence, picture Hermione Granger. Give her red hair, glasses, and braces, that's me! The only student in Hogwarts with braces...yipee! (Sarcasm)

Created by: primroseeverden6

  1. Okay! You know from taking my quizzes that you should ALWAYS READ MY DESCRIPTION! THERE IS SOME VERY USEFUL INFORMATION THERE! (yes, this does have an impact on your score!! :))
  2. What are your thoughts on beauty?
  3. What are your thoughts on reading?
  4. Look in the mirror, what's your biggest flaw? (on the inside)
  5. Would you like some pie?
  6. Choose a Gryfindor BFF!
  7. Choose a Ravenclaw BFF!
  8. Choose a Slytherin in a BFF!
  9. You're about to get bullied by Draco, what do you do?
  10. You are being totally embarrassed, what the heck did you do?

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Quiz topic: Find my inner Hogwart's house!