What Hogwarts House Are You Destined To Be In?

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THIS IS NOT JUST ANOTHER SORTING HAT QUIZ! This one is not based upon your favorite colours or animals. This one determines what house you are DESTINED to be in. By your answers to these few simple questions, the quiz will allow you to know who fate knows you will be. Will you be a part of the Gallant GRYFFINDORS. The Honorable HUFFLEPUFFS. Maybe the Righteous RAVENCLAWS. Or the Sly SLYTHERINS. Which one will you be joining on Sept.1st?

Note: Whether you like your answer or not, you have to realize that although this quiz will allow you to see things about yourself that you have never dreamed of… it is just a quiz. Even the sorting hat has made mistakes and it’s the Sorting Hat! Plus just because your smart doesn’t mean you are in Ravenclaw. (Ex. Hermione J. Granger) Although your loyal doesn’t mean your in Hufflepuff. (Ex. Ronald B. Weasley) Even if you have the trait to risk your life for your love does not mean your in Gryffindor! (Ex. Severus Snape) AND even though you may share part of the soul of the most evil wizard in the wizarding world does not mean you will be in Slytherin. (Ex. Harry J. Potter) P.S in the real wizarding world its only your choice that matters… So Where do you want to be?

Created by: Jack Attack 1995
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  1. You are doing your homework but its really tough. And its taking a long time. You could be doing something fun instead… What do you do?
  2. You are in the middle of an important test and hear a little girl’s voice. She’s crying. Sobbing outside the door of the classroom. But no one else seems to hear it. Or even care. They keep writing as if nothing is going on. You ask the teacher but she doesn’t answer. . What do you do?
  3. You are in P.E. and your doing an extremely hard work out . You can feel your muscles screaming in pain… what are you doing?
  4. You just got yelled at by your teacher for not doing your homework… what do you say?
  5. A friend of yours didn’t do his homework. But he doesn’t tell the teacher. You know that the guy will be called on eventually. What would you do?
  6. Your best friend is in trouble. BIG trouble. He/She just called you and asked for you to come and help. BUT your babysitting your neighbor’s 4 year old triplets. What do you do?
  7. 3 bank robbers are holding some students hostage at your school. Everyone is in lockdown mode. So your stuck in a dark classroom… but what’s this? You can see the men through a crack in the wall. Wait… who are the hostages? Your best friend, girlfriend/boyfriend/crush person and a couple of others! Guns are pointed at their heads and things aren’t looking good! What do you do?
  8. You are walking down the street and see a playground. Two little kids are playing in the sandbox. One of the kids is playing with an interesting looking locket. Rather expensive it seems. After a few minutes the kids leave the playground. (Most likely because their mom doesn’t like how your staring at them  ) But anyway the kid leaves the locket in the sand. What are you going to do about it?
  9. Okay so for the past two weeks this guy has been watching you. You don’t know him so its getting really really creepy. Today he left you a message. It read: I have been watching you. But do not fear. These are dark times and its good I found you before the Dark Lord did. If you are ready to join our world please take this home with you. If not burn it. How will you respond?
  10. Okay lets just say you decided to see where this would lead. You took the paper home and now you’ve received a letter to join Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Although you may not be of age, Hogwarts is glad to have found you and will begin your training. What the heck are you thinking?
  11. Well you are now at Hogwarts. Congrats. And there’s the Sorting Hat… You hear your name. You race up the steps and sit upon that old stool. The Hat is set upon your head. It slides over your eyes and says… ~~Well…this is interesting…you do know a lot about the Houses, don’t you? About the daring Gryffindors, that’s where you will be able to lead. About the wise old Ravenclaws of which learning is their need. You know of the loyal and just Hufflepuffs who are always there, indeed… and of the cunning tricky Slytherins and of the rules they never heed.~~ What House do you want to be in, ehh?
  12. Thank you. I hope you enjoyed this quiz. Feel free to comment and rate. If you don’t know what the bathroom answer had to do with the “little girl crying question” see my good bye thing at the result page. AND If you did not get in the House you wanted…well, I really am not the Sorting Hat so I’m not always 100% correct…

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