What Hogwarts House Are You In?

I really like Harry Potter! I was extremely bored someday and thoght "I'll make a quiz!"! Well here you have it. The houses you can be in are... GRYFFINDOR! RAVENCLAW!HUFFLEPUFF! AND SLYTHERIN!

Thank you for choosing this quiz! now that you have the smart person behind the desk (moi) will figure out WHAT HOGWARTS HOUSE YOU WILL BE IN! Thanks again!

Created by: Jennifer
  1. what house do you think you'll be in?
  2. your friend is going to get killed! you?
  3. what mark do you want to get on your O.W.L exams?
  4. if the headmaster ( or misstress) calls you in your office when you did nothing wrong what would you do?
  5. the potion your partner makes is talking! you?
  6. let's say your in the same classroom as Harry Potter. what is your reaction when he walks up to you and says hi?
  7. peeves comes up to you and swears loudly. you?
  8. what is not magical here?
  9. favortie spell (out of these)
  10. last question. WOULD YOU KILL HARRY POTTER?

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Quiz topic: What Hogwarts House am I In?