Which Hogwarts House would you belong to?

This is one of the most accurate quizzes out there to determine what Hogwarts house would would belong to. Unlike other quizzes, this one has nothing to do with the Harry Potter books or movies. It uses your characteristics and matches them to the best house for you.

READ BEFORE WRITING. This quiz can be VERY accurate if written properly. Forget all of the movies and books and DO NOT ANSWER CERTAIN WAYS JUST GO GET A GOOD RESULT. Answer truthfully, and the result will be very accurate. Think about the question carefully before you answer and choose the best answer. Good Luck.

Created by: Robert
  1. What is your current average?
  2. You are walking down an alley and suddenly you hear a noise behind you. You...
  3. I would (seriously) consider myself...Choose only one and pick the BEST answer.
  4. You are told about a large test in three weeks...(Be honest)
  5. In my spare time....
  6. My binders are...
  7. When I am angry at someone.
  8. I get news...
  9. You find a very expensive silver pen on the ground and you know who it belongs to.
  10. If I had been given $100 and been told to donate as much as I want to my favorite organization. I would donate....

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