How well do you know Harry Potter book 1?

So many people think they're a Harry Potter wiz (ard). But they only know the basics. They don't really know the small little details that show you pay attention and actually know the book well.

This quiz has a lot of questions that really test your knowledge about the first Harry Potter book. It is difficult, so don't get discouraged. See you at the other end! Hope you enjoy it! :)

Created by: Ninjacellist
  1. What did Harry get from the Dursleys for his 10th birthday?
  2. Where did Harry get the name Hedwig from?
  3. What was Neville's missing toad's name?
  4. Who bowed to Harry once in a shop before he knew he was a wizard?
  5. The first time Harry used his invisibility cloak was to go in the restricted section of the library. While he was there, something gave him away. True or false: Harry dropped a book, and that gave him away.
  6. True or False: Hermione's parents have the same occupation: a lawyer.
  7. What is Nearly Headless Nick's real name?
  8. True or False: Ron heard of Nearly Headless Nick because of Fred and George.
  9. What did the Dursleys say caused Harry's parents' deaths?
  10. What did Harry say was the number 1 rule to have a "peaceful" life (if even possible) at the Dursleys?
  11. What did Mrs. Dursley call the name "Harry" when talking to Mr. Dursley?
  12. What exactly did Dudley call Harry when he came home from Hogwarts?
  13. At the beginning of the book, Hagrid gave baby Harry to Dumbledore in a motorcycle. When asked where he got it, Hagrid responded saying that he borrowed it from someone. Who?
  14. What was the first Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Bean that Ron tried on the Hogwarts Express with Harry?
  15. What day of the week did Harry turn 11 on?
  16. After Harry visited Madam Malcon's, Hagrid got Harry ice cream. What flavor was it?
  17. What was Hagrid's birthday present for Harry?
  18. How many years before this one did Slytherin get the house cup?
  19. What age was Nicolas Flamel in the book that Harry, Ron, and Hermione read?
  20. How many points did Harry earn for Gryffindor at the end of the year?
  21. What did Ron earn his extra points for at the end of the year?
  22. True or False: The first time we hear of Hermione lying to a teacher is when she is found outside of Snape's room and she says she only wanted to see Flitwick.
  23. How many points did Gryffindor win the house cup with?
  24. True or False: In the Mirror of Erised, Ron said he saw himself as head boy, Quidditch captain, and holding the Quidditch cup and the house cup.
  25. When McGonagall first tells the first years what the four houses are, what order does she say them in?
  26. What coin did Hagrid describe as "the little bronze ones"?
  27. Who actually found Neville's toad after riding the Hogwarts Express?
  28. The famous movie quote is "Yer a wizard, Harry." Is that exactly how it is in the book?
  29. After McGonagall saw Harry flying to get Neville's rememberall, she took him in to see Oliver Wood and get him on the Quidditch team. Who's class was Wood in at the time?
  30. Last question! How many chapters are in the book?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Harry Potter book 1?