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  • 95% I am pretty proud of myself.

    Wandless Jun 13 '13, 1:59AM
  • This quiz was sooooo easy...

    mountbatten Jul 1 '12, 3:17PM
  • The time question was wrong too, in the book Dumbledore says 'it is five minutes to midnight', which is 11:55. They go 'three hours back', which makes the time they went back to 8:55, which was not one of the options.

    ILoveHarryPotter Feb 27 '11, 8:44AM
  • The pass woed was dumbledoor or albus i remember.

    roxyrox Nov 1 '09, 2:42AM
  • Actually, the password Ron guessed was Mad Eye. On Potterwatch, they said that the password for next time would be Albus.

    Princess_L Jun 6 '09, 1:13PM

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