How well do you know harry potter

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This quiz is about harry potter if you know nothing about this topic then please DO NOT TAKE THIS QUIZ. You will be asked a series off questions about harry potter some involving quotes, history of the characters and some other questions.

Do you know anything about Harry potter? if you do then this is the test for you come and try my new and fairly easy quiz Do you have the brain power to Achieve 100% in this test if you think you do come and try

Created by: Caza1981

  1. Who said this quote "Constant vigilance"?
  2. Who keeps trying to kill harry potter
  3. Who are Harry's two best friends?
  4. How many horcruxes are there
  5. In what house at Harry's school that " not one witch or wizard went bad in"?
  6. Witch house is brave at heart
  7. Witch house is the wisest
  8. Witch house is loyal
  9. What is Harry's school called
  10. When did Ron harry and hermione first meet
  11. What house is harry in

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Quiz topic: How well do I know harry potter