Which Harry Potter pet are you?

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Which Harry Potter pet are you? These 10 questions about your personality and preferences will reveal which pet from the Harry Potter series you are most like and why.

Remember to answer truthfully for an accurate result, or you can try and guess which answers will lead to which results. I hope you have fun doing my quiz

Created by: nerd
  1. Rate your intelligence from 1 to 5
  2. Chose a power/weapon
  3. Which word best describes how you look?
  4. Good or Evil?
  5. How tall/big are you for your age?
  6. How dangerous are you from X (not at all) to XXXXX (deadly)
  7. Which of these best describes your loyalty?
  8. Pick your favourite character of these:
  9. Chose one of these colours:
  10. Chose a type of food:

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Quiz topic: Which Harry Potter pet am I?