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Emma Gilbert, Cleo Sertori and Rikki Chadwick are three sixteen-year-old teenage girls who are stranded in the mysterious magical mystical Mako Island. In a pool under a dormant inactive volcano a full moon arises emitting a mysterious glow of moonlight. After being rescued the girls return to "normal life" but soon discover that their lives will any but normal: ten seconds upon contact with water they transform into mermaids with orange tails and matching tops. Among their transformations the trio also discovers that each have unique supernatural powers and abilities over water. Emma's mermaid power and ability is hydro-cryokinesis, the power and ability to freeze water. Cleo's mermaid power and ability is hydrokinesis, the power and ability to manipulate, create and control water at will.

Emma, Cleo and Rikki also meet sixty-five-year-old Louise Chatham who reveals that she too became a mermaid fifty years ago at the age of fifteen along with her friends Gracie Watsford and Julia Dove. She warns about the dangerous mystical power of the full moon and assists them in many ways about them staying together. The trio also has to deal with Zane Bennett and a marine biologist named Dr. Denman who plans to expose their secret to the world. In the season one finale "A Twist in the Tail" Emma, Cleo and Rikki trick their pursuers by giving up their powers, abilities and tails to a lunar eclipse. While they believe that the effect is permanent they soon learn their powers had only been gone for twelve hours.

Created by: Keely
  1. Who are the 3 main characters?
  2. What color is the stone in cleo's locket?
  3. What color dress does Zane give Rikki?
  4. Which character hates Charlotte because she stole her boyfriend?
  5. Which character hated Charlotte from the beginning?
  6. Which mermaid loses their power and tail in the finale?
  7. In the 2nd episode, how does Rikki discover her power?
  8. In the beauty pageant, what does Cleo dress up as?
  9. What happens to Emma during the full moon?
  10. Who's scale was left behind for Dr Denman to find?
  11. TRUE or FALSE: Emma has a little brother.
  12. Whose last name is McCartney?
  13. When Cleo's fish died, what did Emma called Rikki?
  14. Near the end of the final episode of the first season, who finds out they get their powers back first?

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