Are You A True Water Bender?

So there are many elements. One in particular, which is my personal favorite, is water. The people who have this gift to bend water are truely lucky, as these water benders are very rare. Only one in about 100 people get this gift.

So are YOU one of them?? Could you be one of these lucky people?? Find out!! Take this quiz! I KNOW you will end up with a decent score!! So what are you waiting for? Take my quiz!!

Created by: Alana
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  1. Do you find yourself needing water ALOT??
  2. Do you love the moon??
  3. Do you BELIEVE that you can water bend??
  4. Do you feel that you must be around some source of water ALL the time?
  5. If you were a water bender would you splash somebody for the fun of it??
  6. Do you enjoy Lunar Eclipses? (for those of you who don't know: it's an eclipse where the moon is blocked by the sun.)
  7. If you could have ANYTHING involving the 4 elements (water, earth, fire, air) what would it be??
  8. Do you enjoy being in water??
  9. Do you like rainy/snowy days??
  10. OK, what do you usually drink most of the time??
  11. So, do you think you are a water bender??

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Quiz topic: Am I A True Water Bender?